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TimeShare400 offers several different types of accounts.

Individual accounts are for just that – individuals.

School accounts are for AS400 training schools – one ‘teacher’ and multiple ‘student’ accounts sharing resources.

Company accounts are for multi-user, commercial development accounts.

Outsourcing is for companies that want someone else to manage the entire environment or even the physical server.

Scroll down for more details.  Click on the headings to get to the details and signup forms for the various accounts.

Time Sharing for Individual Developers
Are you an aspiring AS/400 developer that needs a machine to work on?  Are you an employee at a company with an AS/400?  Do you have a great idea but you not allowed to use the company machine for personal projects?  If you were to develop something on a company machine or on company time, be careful – many company employment agreements specifically state that inventions made on company equipment or on company time are the property of the COMPANY, not you.

Get an account at TimeShare400 and you will have an i5 v7r1 environment to do your development, on your time and from your own home!  Simply use your existing internet connection to log on to TimeShare400 with one of the many Telnet programs available and you are in business!  You will have your own user ID, library, and output queue.  You can even set up your own printer at home and send printed output straight from the AS/400!

If you’re looking for older versions of the OS, we have machines at v4r5, v5r2 and also v5r4 available, but those are priced differently.

Time Sharing for Schools
Are you a student or instructor at a high school, college or technical school?  Are you taking or teaching AS/400 related material and need to access a current AS/400?  Do you wish your school had access to a current AS/400 so that you could add AS/400 courses to your curriculum?  Now you can get affordable access to a current model AS/400 over the Web!  You and your class can get access to RPG, Cobol, C, Java, HTTP Server, SQL, Query and more, all at affordable rates and without the systems management hassles.
Outsourcing Dev or Test Environments for Companies
Is your AS/400 slowing down?  Is too much development activity slowing down the response time for your users?  Do you need to perform testing that simply can’t happen on your production machine for lack of space, time, common library conflicts, etc?

Renting capacity at TimeShare400 will help alleviate these problems.  Set up a development environment and have your programmers connect to TimeShare400’s machines via the internet.  If you need to set up a specific test environment, we can work with you to set up the exact environment you need for your testing.

Outsourcing All AS/400 Operations for a Company
Are you a small company that would like to take advantage of the large number of available software packages for the AS/400?  Are you looking to move to the AS/400 for it’s well deserved reputation for stability?  Are you unable to afford buying your own AS/400 at this point?  Are you concerned that running your own AS/400 just won’t be as easy as it sounds?  If you have an internet connection from your office, you can connect to TimeShare400’s machines.  You buy the software and send it to us.   You and the software vendor set up the software just as if you had your own machine.  We take care of running the machine, doing regular backups, etc.  The vendor can connect to our machine to apply patches, set up features, etc.